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Achilles PR: Updates

Alexander turns 1yr old...

May 2018 - On May 29th, we happily celebrated Alexander's 1st birthday! Despite having a broad, national portfolio of clients, Achilles PR is--and always will be--a family-first company. While Doug and Hilary Eldridge might be at its core, Mr. Alexander is unquestionably its heartbeat!

Achilles PR
LIVE on FOX News...

May 2018 - May was a big month for a series of front page sports business storylines, which have kitchen table and water cooler significance, including: SCOTUS decision to 'allow' organized sports betting in all 50 states, Dr. Rice acknowledging that NCAA athletes should be compensated for their NIL, and the NFL changing its policy regarding the National Anthem. 

Achilles PR
LIVE on FOX...

May 2018 - In the lead-up to Mother's Day, we were happy to bring the Parry Sisters (founders of Luna Blu Mar) in-studio with our friends at FOX 45. The LBM team talked about their brand, their background, and their ideal gift recommendations for moms of all ages.  

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Achilles PR
Achilles PR
LIVE on ABC...

April 2018 - The morning after the Team USA Awards, in Washington, DC--and just a few hours before their official White House visit--we brought our four Winter Olympic clients in-studio with ABC 7. (L-R) Haley, Chris, Alexa, and Tucker talked about their Olympic experience, their path, and their plans for the future. It was a rainy morning in DC, but a happy, vibrant  segment with Larry Smith and our friends at Good Morning Washington!

Welcome Pivec Mechanical...

April 2018 - We are happy to welcome Pivec Mechanical to the Achilles family! PM is a full-service contracting company, based out of Baltimore, MD. Over the last two years, PM has expanded its commercial portfolio across MD, DC, and VA. We are proud to work with emerging small businesses, led by hard-working entrepreneurs like the team at Pivec!

Welcome Luna Blu Mar...

March 2018 - We are excited to welcome Luna Blu Mar to Achilles PR. Sisters Lindsey and Melody are developing a value-driven line of clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers, kids, and women of all ages. With a brand vision firmly rooted in the sisters' military upbringing, the LBM line combines both style *and* substance, across the entire line of hand-sewn garments that are proudly Made in the USA.

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