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New ClientMollie AF

MARCH 2019 - We are excited to welcome writer, creative, and emerging media personality Mollie AF to Achilles PR. Based in New York, Mollie AF just finished writing her first book and is now collaborating on a variety of film, music, and literary projects, slated for launch later this year. 

FOX | Pugh: Crisis Comms

MARCH 2019 - Doug Eldridge was in-studio with FOX Baltimore to discuss the crisis communications elements of the "Healthy Holly" controversy surrounding Baltimore's Mayor Catherine Pugh.

"From a strategy standpoint, timing and message management are paramount. By waiting nearly 10 days to issue a statement, the mayor allowed others to fill the silence, write the story, and create the public perception surrounding that issue. She is now in the paradoxical position of having to prove her innocence--at least in the court of public opinion--something which is antithetical to the court of law."

NFL | Halapio Re-signs

MARCH 2019 - Jon Halapio re-signed with the NY Giants. The veteran C/G--who was an Exclusive Rights Free Agent in 2019--inked a one-year deal to stay with the team next season. In 2017, Halapio started six games at RG. In 2018, he was moved to C in the off-season, where he claimed the starting spot by the end of training camp. He suffered a season-ending injury in Week 2, but underwent successful surgery and rehab. Halapio is expected to participate in all off-season training activities this spring and is the projected starter at C within a revamped Giants offensive line.

Achilles PR
Achilles PR
Achilles PR
FOX Business | Kraft: PR

FEBRUARY 2019 - Doug Eldridge was on "Cavuto Coast to Coast" on FOX Business, to discuss the PR fallout, following the reported charges filed against Patriots owner, Mr. Robert Kraft. Doug discussed the dichotomy of delicate internal legal examination versus aggressive outward messaging.


"Mr. Kraft's advisors must consider where this story could go if they don't control the narrative right out of the gate. It's like an uncapped felt tip pen in your shirt pocket--what started as a dot, spreads to a blot, and eventually covers half your shirt. If you don't cap it, the thing becomes much bigger, messier and eventually morphs into something totally different than when it all started."

Brand Build | Lux Tempus

JANUARY 2019 - We were happy to take the creative lead on Lux Tempus Beauty, the newest brand offering from Skincando. We ran top-down creative, which included everything from (literally) creating the name and backstory, to mapping the typography, to early photo direction, to social strategy, to influencer partnerships. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and--for young, emerging brands--you're never going to stand out by blending in.

JANUARY 2019 - Doug Eldridge joined Neil Cavuto on FOX News, to break down potential fan actions--in the court of law and the proverbial court of public opinion--following an egregious 'missed call' at the end of the NFC East Championship game. Fans are filing suit and the (New Orleans) Times-Picayune even ran a blank front page the following day. 

FOX News | NFL Angst
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