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Achilles PR: Updates

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Live on FOX Baltimore...

AUGUST 2018 - As the summer quickly draws to an (unofficial) close, we were happy to bring Melody Parry Jones back in-studio with FOX 45. The entrepreneur and founder of Luna Blu Mar discussed her last-minute Labor Day getaways, as well as the items you must pack in your bag to make the most of the last long weekend of the summer season.

Halapio: Starting for NYG...

AUGUST 2018 - Jon Halapio took over first team reps at Center during Mini Camp this spring. He held onto that starting role throughout the pre-season and has been named the starting Center, for Week 1, when the Giants host the Jaguars, on Sunday, September 9th. Congrats to Big Jon! We're so happy for you and the entire family!

Live on: FOX Business...

AUGUST 2018 - Doug Eldridge was back in-studio with Cavuto Coast to Coast on FOX Business. He broke down the complexities and lingering hurdles facing the NFL regarding the implementation of the new Anthem policy.

"Regardless of where you stand on this issue, when it comes to the construction and enforcement of any law, rule, or policy, ambiguity creates a lingering problem: subjective versus objective interpretation."  

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Welcome CORE D + B...

JULY 2018 - We are proud to welcome CORE Design + Build to the Achilles PR family. CORE has partnered with award-winning Miami architecture firm Choeff Levy Fischman to bring Environmental Modern design to the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Halapio in Forbes...

JULY 2018 - Jon Halapio was profiled in Forbes Magazine. In her column, Patricia Traina delved into his Tongan heritage and the impact it's had on his character and work ethic--both on and off the field.


"Being raised a male Tongan, we've grown up with that warrior mentality, which starts at a young age when our fathers take us to work and show us how to embrace hard work."

Read: Halapio in Forbes

Halapio in USA Today...

JULY 2018 - Jon Halapio's inspiring story continues to draw national attention. From the Gators, to the Draft, to the Patriots, to waivers, to tryouts, to used cars, back to the Patriots, to the Giants, to starting RG, to starting Center. We're proud to be part of his team and excited for the road ahead for Jon and his family.

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