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Achilles PR
Achilles PR

// Strategic Public Relations

Just like the athletes with whom we work--through a strategic partnership with the DLE Agency--we view strategy as the building-block upon which every campaign is constructed. You must take a strategic assessment of the client's current market position, including: their objectives, their unique attributes, their redundancies, and their share of voice. These elements (among others) are calculated in consideration of the corresponding budget and timeline for growth and revenue targets. Effective, results-driven public relations campaigns are rooted in strategy, planning, and discipline; it is a system of substance over style, each and every time.

// Crisis Communications

At Achilles PR, we have more than a decade of in-house experience in providing strategic and crisis communications services to a nationally recognized--though understandably confidential--portfolio of clients. From real-time messaging, to campaign synergy, to mitigation of liability in the court of public opinion...we have seen it and we have handled it. When dealing with a notable personality or an established brand, the only thing more valuable than your reputation is your privacy. We work quickly, quietly, and discretely to provide a valuable suite of services when our clients need it most.


Achilles PR

// Integrated Marketing

From endorsements, to sponsorship activation, to consumer engagement, to event management, we have a demonstrable track record of successful marketing practices. In an era where many young practitioners use the terms PR and marketing interchangably (hint: they are not) it is important that clients understand the importance and distinct application of a marketing platform. We have built successful campaigns for start-ups, non-profits, professional sports teams, professional athletes, and elected officials. At Achilles, we understand the balance between digital and traditional marketing, and we do so with an eye toward the first-time and repeat customer, for our clients. 

// Brand Development

At Achilles, we take a comprehensive approach to brand development, knowing that no detail is too small. From non-profits, to start-ups, to emerging and established brands, we have broad experience across a variety of platforms and market sectors. From visual elements like logos and typography, to value statements and messaging, to social and digital engagement strategies, to store openings and event management, to traditional media placements across TV, print, and radio. We understand that brand development is a process, not a destination.

VSE | Vision.  Strategy.  Execution.

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Achilles PR
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