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Achilles PR: Our Story

Achilles PR, a public relations firm in Washington, DC
// Historically

In Greek Mythology, Achilles was an iconic warrior and general of the Myrmidons, made famous by Homer's epic poem, The Iliad, which detailed his valor and victories during the Trojan War. 


It is a common misnomer that Achilles was a God; he was indeed a mortal man. According to Homer, Achilles's mother, Thetis, was so concerned about his mortality that she did a variety of things in order to increase his durability in battle--including dipping him in the River Styx, which was believed to give God-like invincibility to 

even mortal men. Unfortunately, when she did so, Thetis grabbed Achilles tightly by the heel, leaving his foot and ankle exposed as she dipped him in the sacred waters.


Achilles was purportedly killed by a single arrow from Paris, a Prince of Troy, which struck him in the one place the unstoppable mortal was known to be vulnerable: his heel. The term achilles heel was eventually adopted to denote an unintended area of weakness, which can lead to one's unwitting downfall.



// Today

In the 21st century, Achilles Public Relations (Achilles PR) is an integrated public relations firm, based out of Washington, DC.


We understand the inherent balance between strength and vulnerability and we seek to fortify our clients--whether individuals, brands, organizations or non-profits--with a comprehensive communications plan that will build upon their established brand strength, while mitigating any weakenesses in their outward-facing public relations planning. From media engagment, to marketing activation, to community relations, to strategic and crisis communications, we take an experienced and balanced approach to client management. Our clients are regularly featured across national television, newspaper, magazine, and radio outlets, as well as high-traffic blogs, digital platforms, and large-scale events.


We understand the balance between the power of a red carpet rolodex and the importance of a grass roots following. At Achilles, we believe that effective media management, strategic marketing, and brand development should never be a weakness, when it comes to developing an integrated public relations plan.


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Doug Eldridge Achilles PR
Doug Eldridge Achilles PR
Doug Eldridge Achilles PR

Achilles PR: Our Vision

Doug Eldridge

Founder & Partner

A lawyer by training, Doug left the federal government and started the DLE Agency: a media, marketing, and management firm, serving a global portfolio of athletes, personalities, and brands.


Doug has represented NFL, Olympic, Action, and Endurance Sports athletes--as an agent and/or media & marketing advisor--across team and brand negotiations, ranging from player & team contracts to complex endorsement agreements. His focus on strategic media engagement was key to DLE's growth and expansion.

In 2014, Doug formed Achilles PR as a sister company to DLE, with the goal of providing integrated public relations services to a diverse roster of emerging and established brands.

Over the last eight years, Achilles has represented individual, commercial, corporate, non-profit, and campaign-based clients across a variety of market sectors including: beauty, beverage, children's health, clothing, DEI, design + build, fitness, food, health + wellness, mechanical, mental health, military families, NIL, politics, spirits, technology, and veterans issues, among others.

Doug has become a nationally-recognized strategic PR advisor and a frequent cable news analyst. He has appeared across a variety of networks including: ABC, Al Jazeera, BBC, CBS, CNN, CNN Money, EWTN, FOX Business, FOX News, Hearst, MSNBC, and NBC, among others.

For all of his work obligations, Doug's first priority has always been family. Ask anyone and they'll tell you--he's happiest, when he's with his toddler son, Alexander.

Doug Eldridge Achilles PR
Doug Eldridge Achilles PR
Doug Eldridge Achilles PR
Achilles PR
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